Hello, I'm Peter Tsipas.

I’m a lawyer, director and mentor. I like to learn, grow and contribute.

Most of the time I'm lawyering for some amazing folk at Envato, a company that helps people from around the world learn and earn online. I'm also a director and company secretary of the Design Institute of Australia, the voice of professional design, and the SIDA Foundation which invests funds to further the aims of interior designers.

I also mentor professionals tasked with non-routine problem solving and advise startups and businesses looking to make an impact. Find out more

Honest, friendly and constructive mentoring that will help you make an impact and do work that matters. I will help you articulate clear and achievable goals to make better and effective decisions. You will develop tools to structure an approach to a more productive life and build your business capabilities. Get in touch or read more here.

In my spare time I pursue a few side

SkepsiAcademic papers.
Ask a ToddlerBlog.
Imagine in ImagePhotography.
Piggy ProductionsExperimental film-making.
La CulturaCelebrating keepers of culture.
SparklistRandom ideas.
Disruptive ThinkingAn html landing page I built.
Thought StudioAnother html page I built.

while being a father, cyclist, runner and coffee lover are some of the other things that keep me going!

A better world evolves through the collaboration of individuals committed, compassionate and connected. This is where it all begins...