Peter Tsipas is my name and three decades on there’s a few things I’ve gathered along the way.

I know I like to stay focused (and by implication keep busy but of course Pan Metron Ariston!) with all manner of things: fathering, husbanding, lawyering, mentoringphotographing, drumming, writing, directing, imagining, eating, drinking coffee, cycling and Jack! In all that craziness there is one thing I’m absolutely sure about and that is that toddlers never lie.

Ask a Toddler and you’ll get a straight, honest and unbiased answer. They’re like a filter of anything that isn’t engaging, entertaining and fun! And so that’s what this is all about. A foray into viewing this complicated and cluttered existence of ours through an unashamedly honest perspective with a twist of entertainment and fun as if we were to ASK A TODDLER.

I hope you enjoy reading.