Blockchain Technology. Everything is different now.

I’ve been looking around for an article that explains what the hell blockchain technology is all about in layman terms i.e. from a non-tech pov. I couldn’t seem to find one that started with basic principles, the why and how until I came across William Mougayar‘s article Understanding the Blockchain. All the resources I’d come across until then all jumped to Bitcoin and how it’s gaining traction very quickly without explaining the basics of why and how. Here are the three articles the above edited version are based on in full. Recommended to anyone interested in knowing the how and why of blockchain technology:

  1. The Blockchain is the New Database. Get Ready To Rewrite Everything
  2. Blockchain Apps: Moving from the Jungle to the Zoo
  3. The Race to Decentralize Everything and Give Power to the Edge of the Networks

It’s pretty clear no matter where crypto-currencies might take us, blockchain technology represents a paradigm shift.